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Care Instructions

If you follow the instructions, you will have many years of pleasure from your damask-linen. Its beauty will even increase in the course of several washings and obtain the gloss typical for linen.

It should be taken to ensure that your linen table cloth is treated correctly.
Please do not use harsh detergents, which often have fiber destroying bleaching agents added and do not use fabric softener.

Since flax is a fat-containing and brittle fiber, your linen table cloths need a little longer to get ready for the washing process. The laundry is soaked in clear cold water – without any additives – before it is inserted into the washing machine. The fiber swells and becomes elastic. Only then, after at least 2-3 hours, the washing process may begin.

After soaking the laundry, it is washed as usual and we recommend loading washing machines to half-capacity. Addition of detergent - no optical brighteners with colored table linen (!) – according to the manual. A temperature of 60 ° C for white and 40 ° C for color is usually sufficient.

After washing, the product should be, if possible with a residual moisture still applied by the washing, delivered to an establishment with a rotary iron or press.

If you straighten your table linens at home, we recommend the ironing machine from Miele for a perfect result.

Linen should never be tumble dried!

Note on colors:
Our colored blankets are natural, therefore not specifically equipped. The effect is improved durability, but an initially reduced radiance that comes to life after each washing, if our recommendations are observed.

Linen sheets, the tea towels and table linens in white in our quality 500 may be washed up to 90 ° C. 60 ° C is usually sufficient.

Our bed linen is washed at 60 ° C in the machine. Invert bedding with zipper and please make sure it is closed before washing!

The towels are washable up to 60 ° C in the machine. Bath Mats up to 40 ° C.

I am happy to answer your additional questions.

Nordmeyer & Kortmann OHG