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Excerpt from our 1975 booklet, which documented a selection of the recognition we receive.

"I would like to add to my daughters endowment and ask to deliver... You may be interested in hearing how good our experience with your company is. We have obtained our endowment from you for four generations and are still using 90 year old table linen of yours, which survived the flight from the East."
Freiburg, 20.07.1964 (Frau Herta Freifrau von Hammerstein)

"I would like to acknowledge receiving your packages today. Everything was to my content. I need to express your company my highest regards. The delivery date was precisely adhered to and all the laundry was done very accurately. In the entire dowry procurement, you are the first company that delivers everything so promptly! Thanks again."
Bischofsheim/Rhön, 04.07.1961 (Prinzessin zur Lippe)

"Your honor, I send my sincere thanks for your kind attention given to me by delivering the beautiful place settings.
I have always had a preference for silverware and "Linen from Bielefeld"; the former has disappeared, since I am no longer a member of public life, but the latter continues to exist and I am grateful for the joy of the heart, for your gracious gift contributing to my hobby and its excellent weaving. "
Friedrichsruh, 18.März 1895 (von Bismarck)

"The damask was received well and I like the settings very well, the coat of arms is clear and well made."
Mühlhausen i. Elsaß, 1913 (Frau v. Batocki geb. Kullack-Ublick)

"I once again convinced myself of the correctness of your highnesses dowry and can only restate my gratitude for the nice and tasteful implementation."
Berlin, 1913 (Frau Gräfin Waldersee)

"I express my full satisfaction with the entire endowment, which satisfies me both in execution and by the timely and accurate means of delivery."
Stettin (Schloß), den 1.April 1913 (Exzellenz von Waldow)

"This year I celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary. In early October, and before I went to my children, I brought order to my linen closet. Everything was purchased in 1886 from you by my mother, Baronin von Kessel auf Haake, and from the entire bedding I merely renewed two sheets and three duvet covers, nothing else, the crested laundry is without stopper. I wanted to inform you, because I know that you rejoice that an old client is satisfied and the laundry is so well kept, 40 years in a large household with five children, this has to be praised. May you always continue to receive thanks, as here by your long-time and grateful customer."
Schloß Schlegel, Krs. Neurode, 29.9.1926 (Margarethe Gräfin Pilat, geb. v. Kessel)

"It gives me pleasure to tell the company, that I still own table and bed linen, which is preserved perfectly, even though it was bought from you 47 years ago (1890-91) when my dowry was made."
Lodersleben, 17.9.1938 (Gräfin von der Schulenburg)

"Confirming with thanks the receipt of the two large table cloths and am pleased to be able to tell you that I am thrilled both by the quality and the execution! The things are really very beautiful. The same I can tell you concerning the napkins of the Altgräfin."
Schloß Alfter b. Bonn, 25.5.1933 (Fürstin zu Salm-Reifferscheidt)

"In 1907 I received all my endowment, men's underwear, coats of arms-table cloths, etc. from you. After 27 years I am still very happy and proud of my beautiful laundry."
Bärnichen b. Oderan, 18.9.1934 (Frau Maria von Minckwitz, geb. Gräfin Hohental)

"Maybe it will interest you to know that I received most of my dowry of table linens, place settings with crest, damask towels, etc. from you in 1900. Everything is in perfect condition!"
Stöckach b. Hofheim, 13.6.1935 (Frau Freifrau von Grunelius, geb. Gräfin v. Bernstorff)

"Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving your crested tablecloths and napkins with the Veltheim coat of arms for the dowry of my daughter. Workmanship and quality are very beautiful and sufficient, so that your table cloths will really be the pride of any housewife."
Schloß Putbus, Rügen, 1.3.1938 (Herrin zu Putbus)

"Everything that I have received from you is so very delicate, beautiful and made from the very best material, that it is always a joy to use the things."
Bad Wiessee, Robognerhof, 12.11.1955 (Frau Eva Rieppel)

"My wife was very excited about the outstanding execution and the good quality of your linen. If one of my daughters gets married, I'll order their dowry from you, too."
Göttingen, 10.2.1958 (Direktor Prof. Dr. med. Hellner)

"I am delighted with your consistently good qualities which I
already know from my grandmother and which now please my daughter."
Neustadt/Weinstr., 28.2.1965 (Frau Marx von Frankenberg)

"The first-class reputation for your company for quality of material and accuracy of the execution was familiar to me from my childhood."
Eyrichshof üb. Bamberg, 27.1.1971 (Frau Freda Freifrau von Rotenhan)