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For several hundred years, flax was grown and processed into linen. Flax is a term derived from the flax plant, as well as a name for the fiber obtained from their stalks until it is spun to yarn and has always served as the basic material for all linen products.
The area of Ravensberg has a long tradition in flax cultivation which was primarily utilized for clothing made of coarse linen.

In the Middle Ages, linen was widely used in the production of underwear, because of its purity. Outstanding examples in the culture and care of the flax were the monasteries. Additionally, wives of princes, nobles and peasants wove for their private demand, for their greatest treasure became their well-stocked linen closet.

Only later, around the 18th Century, processing of non-domestic flax to finer yarn commenced in Bielefeld. The finest qualities of flax are produced in Western Europe, due to the particular soil and maritime climate.

In the burgeoning cities, linen processing developed to a guilded artisanry and commerce. Focal points of linen commerce were established, ensuring high quality, especially in Westphalia and Silesia. Soon German linen spread worldwide. Particularly linen from Bielefeld became a synonym for extraordinary quality at home and abroad.

Linen- and half-linen-weaving
Weaving is defined as interlacing a variety of threads, running either in the longitudinal or in the transverse direction. The firm connection of these threads creates the fabric. Threads in the longitudinal direction are called “warp”, in the transverse direction “weft”. The weft always runs from one selvage to the other and represents the width of the fabric, while the warp is infinite.

Products from pure and half linen profit from the natural properties of flax fiber:
Rigidity in dry and moist conditions, durability, gloss, lint-freeness and insensitivity to vitiation. Furthermore, linen is easily cleaned and attains, unlike most other materials, its characteristic gloss through usage.

Linen is equally proficient when processed as traditional white household fabric or in the fashionable color processing of the modern era. Linen has been a noble and reliable fabric for centuries.

We hope you enjoy your linen products from the venerable establishment of Nordmeyer & Kortmann.