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Duvets / Down Blankets
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Down Blankets
We offer down blankets made in Germany, manufactured in technical perfection. These duvets meet the highest standards for a healthy and restful sleep.

All offered down blankets, children blankets and baby pillows are filled with 100% Ia white, pure Polish farmer down. They are produced in cassette stitching and generously cut so they do not slip in the cover.

The pillows "cloud" are available with a three-chamber system. The core consists of a Mako-pouring-inlet filled with feathers, wrapped with 135 batiste filled with down. 70% feather, 30% 3/4 white goose down.
The cuddle pillows are filled with 100% la white goose down.

The summer blankets have a white batiste inlet with super-soft-finish, ie, the batiste is slightly rough, so it does not slip in the cover. All sizes 7x10 quilting, except for 200/200, which has 10x10 quilting. 100% down with Cuin value 700, 180 mm fill power.

All other blankets and even the baby pillows and blankets have an inlet from the finest 135 down batiste, color: white.

The Cuin value is 750, fill power 190 mm. The web height is 3 cm. The quilting here is 6x8 or 6x9 in size 155/220 and 8x8 in size 200/200.

The luxury winter blankets have a bridge height of 7 cm in the middle and 5 cm on the outside. Thus they cling to the body perfectly and keep it cozy and warm. The quilting here is 5x4, for the size 155/220 it is 5x5.

We also offer you the queen of down blankets. 100% hand-picked Eiderdown (original). The bridge height is 3m, the inlet is made of fine 198 batiste. Prices on request, please use our contact form.

Delivery time is estimated at 3 weeks

Please read our care instructions.
The down blankets bear the label "Textiles Vertrauen", tested for harmful substances according to Öko-Tex Standard 100.

made in Ostwestfalen

EUR 320,00